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Welcome to the Site!

If you found your way here then you are one of the 400,000 service members and/or families that will be PCSing this year. Maybe its your first PCS or its been a while since you have PCS'd. Or maybe you count yourself as a seasoned PCSer looking for new tips or to see what has changed in the PCS world that you may need know. Regardless on where you may fall on the line in your journey, Welcome to what I hope is a valuable resource to you!

We know PCSing can be a stressful time as embark on the process of uprooting once again to move to a most likely unknown location. It is not just moving down the road, but probably across the country. It is not just moving to a new house, but to a new community, a school, a new job, new doctors, and a new adventure. While the process of PCSing is usually filled with oodles of stress, my goal is to help that stress be as less as possible.

While I cannot help with setting you up at a new school, with a new job, or a new community, I can help set you up for success in knowing the moving process, tips to make it smooth, and the confidence to go into your move well prepared and ready to own it.

Here's to a Happy PCS!

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