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Accountability - HomeSafe and the GHC

Updated: Mar 29

Below is the email in full that I had first sent on October 18, 2023. The initial recipients included Transcom, leadership at IAM, and Al Thompson and Matt Dolan of HomeSafe Alliance.  Since then I have sent it twice more to HomeSafe Alliance and have yet to receive a response.

I have had a conversation with Transcom on the contents of the email and want to provide a follow up to the events of the HomeSafe President and CEO:

My initial understanding of the hierarchy of the HSA leadership was off in that the role of the President was higher than that of the CFO. In actuality, the CFO sits above the President. Therefore, as the highest ranking leadership person from HSA that attended the IAM conference, it is even more concerning about his belligerent behavior and the position that he holds. I cannot in good faith put my trust into the competency of the leadership of this company and entrust them to handle my HHGs, and will encourage my friends, and all of my community to explore other avenues for their PCS.

Al, Matt, your lack of response is telling. Perhaps this is the only way to get an answer to my questions provided in the email. There was always an opportunity to foster a relationship between our parties and to work together for the common goal of increasing the positive experience for my community. However, your silence to provide any response has spoken volumes to where you stand. Should you want to answer the questions, address the concerns, or open any avenue for dialogue, I am more than happy to schedule a call and discuss further.

(Proof of the email sent multiple times with the last time being Wednesday, December 6th)


Good Afternoon All,

I wanted to follow up on another topic from the IAM conference. For the accountability and transparency that I push and strive for in all aspects of my advocacy work, I thought it was best to include all the stakeholders into one conversation.

First, I wanted to bring to Transcom’s attention, if it has not been already, the behavior during the IAM Conference of the HomeSafe CFO, Scott Evasius.  On Monday night, after Mr. Evasius apparently consumed a few drinks, he and multiple agents as well as reps from the DOD had conversations surrounding GHC.  In these conversations, Scott was heard by multiple witnesses saying the following:

“I do $9Billion contracts all the time so this doesn’t mean sh*t to me”.  The agent then explained that they currently provide NTS services to the DOD at which point Scott said “yeah, we can’t f****ing wait to take that from you.  We are going to take your baby.”  At this point, a 3rd party that was listening to this conversation had to step in and diffuse the situation as it was becoming a heated conversation.

In addition, he was quoted as saying “I don’t give a f*** if the agents want more money or if they go out of business.  We will buy 1000 containers and get it moved anyway”  This response floored both the military services rep that was near by, as well as the witnesses.

Both of these conversations were overrun with Mr. Evasius’ foul language and outright contempt for pretty much every stakeholder in the current program, which also includes the stakeholders that are necessary should GHC come to fruition.    

While I know Matt contacted the agent and IAM to apologize, he later said on Thursday at the HomeSafe panel that he did not have the authority to send him home. That in itself raises another question and concern that if the president of HSA does not have the ability or authority to send a reckless employee home for belligerent behavior, then who is really running the show and who is really in charge.  As of this writing, I am not aware that the CFO has called the agent, the service rep or IAM to apologize.

From the customer aspect, I find these two issues very concerning.  The perceived reality is that HSA doesn’t care about holding employees accountable and are fine with fostering an environment of toxicity. Having been a Soldier in a toxic environment previously, and seeing it grow in the company that I am supposed to trust my HHGs with is very disheartening. It should not be a climate that is tolerated, however the actions shown last week speak volumes about what HSA does tolerate. I know my sentiments here are not my own either, and many who were there would echo the same.

Additionally, Matt, to your session and the questions that I had asked of you. Attached you will find a handful of posts from families about their experiences with Tier One as I said I would send over in regards of how you would build trust with my community. I’m not including but anyone can also go look at the BBB ratings/complaints and the multiple reviews left on various sites.  

Furthermore, when looking at the slides from the PPF, the slide “average claims score by claims manager”, Tier One has the 2nd lowest score at 36.56. Your claim of “we had the best scores” seems to be wrong as Lambert Enterprises had the best at 60, followed by Cartwright at 58.33, and SIRVA at 57.35. When moving to look at “average claims score by move manager”, Tier One is the 4th from the last at 36.57, while SIRVA leads that group at 60.42, followed by Lambert and Allegiant. If we go by BVS2.0 scores, we can all agree that with the experience being subjective the data collected isn’t going to necessarily show one’s actual experience. Additionally, when USTC reset the scores, it would cause the non use SCACS to have perfect scores in some areas which increase their overall score allowing those without volume to show they are performing. To your point, while I have been part of the calls, and have seen what HSA has presented, there are many in my community are very leery of this contract knowing that Tier One is part of the contract team and their past experiences with them. In fact the first call I had with you, Matt, in 2019 was a very short, less than 2 minute call as you degraded our community telling me that everyone is committing claims fraud as you ended the call abruptly before I could even ask a question. I’ve been hopeful that this contract would solve issues but after the events of last week, and how you continue to speak down to my community, and industry agents, has not warranted my trust into the program.

Another thing said in the session was that you need to convince the folks in the room to do business with you to make this program successful. What is your plan to convince them to do business with you?

I would like to ask for clarity on the how HSA is vetting companies to insure they are not a rogue mover/scam company. The answer provided included a lot about the CQI, and mechanisms in place, but it sounded as that was for after they were awarded shipments and began work. There really wasn’t any clarity as to if a company signed the master agreement that they aren’t already a scam company looking to make money from the program, so essentially, when a company signs the master agreement, what is the process before shipments are awarded to ensure that agent is a verified legit company?

Finally, since you wanted to mention my FB post about agents receiving retribution for speaking up and asking questions, I wanted to provide some insight to that as well. First, on Monday’s GHC Steak-holder session, it was asked by an agent “what avenue do agents have to ask questions and get info if they are scared of retribution by HSA?”, that is when Chuck White told the audience that was the role of IAM, and if needed they could always bring their questions and concerns to the association and they would be their voice. On my FB, I was simply offering another avenue to those who had questions to ask, and honestly it felt like a low blow for that shot at the beginning of the session. Attached below, you will find screenshots from agents that have received retribution from HSA for speaking out publicly. Many others sent their emails from HSA representatives stating “we’ll remember this in the winter when you’re starving” but asked to keep it anonymous for fear of further retribution while the industry is sorting though what this program means to them.

I hope this email helps to provide insight to how this week went, questions, answers and feedback that I said I would get back to you on. My goal in all my advocacy has always been to ensure that my military family community isn’t left on the curb during this process. My confidence level for the successful execution of the program is at an all time low right after seeing the behavior of the company leadership and the conversations held this past week. I still hope I am proved wrong.

Thank you for your time.

(Proof of showing what my community thinks of Tier One- with the same guy as President from Tier One, some honestly think anything will be different?)

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