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Understanding the Inconvenience Claim

The inconvenience claim is a tool designed to help offset costs that you may have incurred when your delivery date cannot be met, and you are unable to use necessary items in your shipment to establish a household. All inconvenience claims are filed directly with your TSP (transportation service provider). Your move coordinator should contact you and provide information on filing a claim if your shipment meets the criteria below. The TSP must reimburse you within 30 days of your initial contact informing them of the intent to file an inconvenience claim.

There are several factors that you need to know about to see if you are eligible for an inconvenience claim:

Missed Pick Up: If your TSP is unable to service your shipment within 14 calendar days of your agreed upon pick up date, and the DoD cannot rebook your shipment with another provider for the original pick-up date, you can file for actual out of pocket expenses incurred from the original pick up date thru the new pick up date.

Missed Delivery: If the TSP fails to deliver your shipment on or before the RDD (required delivery date) provided you are in possession of a residence and able to accept delivery.

Request Shipment out of Storage: If the TSP cannot deliver your shipment with 7 business days of the date you first contacted the TSP requesting delivery, OR your requested date is requested more than 7 business days in advance and the TSP cannot deliver it within 2 business days after the requested date.

How is it paid?

There are 2 factors to how your inconvenience claim may be paid:

Per Diem Baseline – This is the meals and incidentals per diem for the service member only for up to 7 days without needing to save receipts.

Actual Cost Reimbursement – If you have expenses that exceed the per diem amount, you can submit the receipts and be paid your actual expenses.

All expenses that you seek reimbursement for must be supported by receipts dated after the missed RDD. Meaning if your RDD was August 10th, then anything that is covered for an inconvenience claim reimbursement must be purchased starting August 11th if you want to claim it.

Items covered for an inconvenience claim are usually store brand essential items that include but not limited to air mattresses, towels, linens, pillows, cookware, dinnerware, disposable paper products, furniture or appliance rental and laundry service. Any tangible items purchased may be reclaimed by the TSP upon delivery of your shipment. Alcoholic beverages and groceries are not covered by the inconvenience claim.

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