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The Guide

As a military family, you are use to PCSing every 12-36 months on average with the current op-tempo. The need to be organized becomes a necessity as we plan for our lives to be uprooted once again. When it comes time to embark on that next journey, its imperative to ensure that we have everything together to make the transition as smooth as possible if not for us, but for our families.
*Magical Music* Insert the "PCS Like A Pro - Your Guide to a Smooth Move"!
- Need to understand what your entitlements are?  
- Need to know how to read all the various forms you need to sign?
- Need some checklists to help keep you organized and on track?
- Need budgeting help?
- Need to know where in the regulations to look to find your answers?
All that and more is included in the easy to read guide. From start to finish, you'll know how to set up your move, file your claim, and what to expect at every step in between. 
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