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What Are All These Acronyms

Don’t forget to close out your partial PPM of your PCS and submit the paperwork for your TLE and Per Diem.


The military already has enough acronyms, but of course there would be a whole slew of them to define the PCS process. You will be faced with a lot of terminology that you may not be familiar with. The list below includes the most commonly used acronyms and terms that you should be aware of to understand communication with your assigned moving company, local offices, and with US Transcom Command.

HHG – Household Goods

GBL – Government Bill of Lading

TSP – Transportation Service Provider

USTC/Transcom – US Transportation Command

TMO/DMO – Installation Transportation Office

M-Pro/S-Pro – Member and Spouse professional gear

Origin Agent – Local servicing agent to pack and load your HHG

Destination Agent – Local servicing agent to deliver your HHGs

NTS – Non-Temp Storage

SIT – Storage in Transit

DPS – Defense Personal Property System

QA/QC – Quality Assurance/Quality Control

HV – High Value items/inventory

GTC – Government Travel Card

DTR – Defense Travel Regulation

DLA – Dislocation Allowance

JTR – Joint Travel Regulation

TLA – Temporary Lodging Allowance

JPPSO – Joint Personal Property Shipping Office

TLE – Temporary Lodging Expense

PPPO – Personnel Property Processing Office

PCS – Permanent Change of Station

PPSO – Personal Property shipping Office

PPM – Personally Procured Move

DTR – Defense Transportation Regulation

JTR – Joint Travel Regulation

POV – Personally Owned Vehicle

PDS – Permanent Duty Station

MCO – Military Claims Office

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